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Tap into how adults learn on the job

70:20:10 is a reference model that helps organizations extend their focus beyond formal training to create continuous learning cultures.

  • 10% or less of learning happens formally, through programs and eLearning modules
  • 90% or more of learning happens as part of daily work, through challenging experiences, conversations, practice and reflection

70-20 helps activate and capture learning in the flow of work.

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Anything worth learning is worth using and sharing

When people learn on the job, as part of formal programs or through everyday experience, how do they share new ideas with colleagues? 70-20 gives them a way to capture and share progress and results in a simple, social media-like interface.

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When learning is productive, everyone benefits


  • Makes learning social and productive
  • Reinforces learning after formal programs
  • Creates virtual support network
  • Enables coaching support
  • Builds a development portfolio for career advancement


  • Improves performance outcomes of learning initiatives
  • Supports opportunities to practice new skills
  • Validates program results
  • Facilitates management of learning campaigns
  • Strengthens learning culture
  • Offers challenging experiences to advance employee development

Managers & Coaches

  • Delivers an easy-to-use approach to virtual coaching
  • Increases coaching impact
  • Focuses support for high-payoff development activities
  • Verifies performance improvement
  • Documents all coaching interactions for future reference

"70-20 is what would happen if Facebook and Lynda.com got married and had a child!"

— Client Testimonial

"People can track and collect artifacts of learning – share and demonstrate their progress and results in a comfortable way."

— Client Testimonial

"I enjoy using 70-20 as it is purposeful and focused on my learning. This makes it worth my time to engage with it and with others in the program."

— Client Testimonial

"70-20 engages participants in motivating learning challenges directly connected with what they've learnt during the formal programs"

— Client Testimonial

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70-20 works on every device, so if you're learning on-the-go, you can share on-the-go.

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