May 17, 2016

Let the 70-20 Blog Begin!

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Welcome to the new 70-20® Blog, curated by the Fort Hill Company team. Since 1999, we have benefited from years of collaboration and friendship with some of the industry’s most innovative learning leaders and consultants.

As we launch our new 70-20 Blog, our goal is to create a community of people who share our passion for activating and supporting learning transfer as well as encouraging informal and social learning in all of its unique manifestations.

We will combine Blog posts from members of the Fort Hill team featuring our research and observations from client work with 70-20 and our legacy system, ResultsEngine®, with posts from members of our diverse community.

We are inspired by the Sunday New York Times feature By the Book, which has been a feature of the Times Book Review since 1851. If you’re not familiar with this weekly article, an author or artist is asked to respond to a series of questions about what books are currently on their night stand, what is the last great book they have read, which authors they admire most, etc.

Our version of this feature will be 70-20 Conversations™, where we will invite people to share their responses to a common set of questions on a regular basis. The questions will address a recent innovation on experiential or social learning, what was done, what insights were gained and what advice does the contributor offer to our readers.

It is our hope that you will enjoy their stories and learn from their experiences. We also hope that you will contribute a 70-20 Conversation of your own sometime in the future. We encourage you to comment and start a dialogue on anything you find of interest or that prompts a question in your mind.

Let the 70-20 Conversations begin!

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Written by:
Kathy Granger President, Fort Hill Company

Kathy is the President of Fort Hill, the industry leader in web-based learning activation solutions. With over 15 years of experience working with Fort Hill’s global clients, consultants and executive education partners, Kathy now leads the company’s R&D of new learning transfer technologies. The team successfully launched 70-20® in 2015.

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